Ultrasonic Rat & Snake Repellent ₦20,400

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This is one of the best things technology has to offer with zero risk and 100% peace of mind. I mean, who wouldn't like some true assurance that their homes and vicinity can be free from snakes and rats, just by having this in your vicinity .. Yes!
This is solar powered, so forever working while you enjoy your peace.

A Great Gift Item too! Think of someone you can add this value to and buy one for them. You will be fondly thought of, for this.

Square head - ₦20,400 Round head - ₦20,400

• Solar-powered :No need for batteries or electricity, this repellent is powered by the sun, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective.

• Ultrasonic technology :The ultrasonic sound waves emitted by this repellent are inaudible to humans but repel rats and snakes effectively.

• Built-in buzzer :The built-in buzzer adds an extra layer of protection by emitting a high-frequency sound that rats and snakes find repulsive.

• Outdoor use :This repellent is designed for outdoor use, making it perfect for gardens, lawns, and other outdoor spaces.

Product description


  • Pest free in 1-2 weeks, Guaranteed.

  • Solar powered

  • Weatherproof

  • Harmless

  • Toxin-free

  • Install and Forget


  • Applying in the Yard/Garden/Farm/Orchard

  • IP44 Weatherproof

  • 2 inches above ground

  • Round:36.5*11*11CM

  • Square:38.5*9*8CM

Package included:

1 * Round pest repeller / 1* Square pest repeller

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