Dog Seat Belt ₦4,560

MAIN CATEGORY: Pet Accessories
This is one of the dearest thoughtfulness we could think of, for dog owners who likes or have reasons to move their pets around with them in the car. 
The dog(s) would be grateful too because the rumbling is just too much for them anyway without the belt. So now, as you use your seat belt, your pets can use theirs too and you are both sure of where to find them.
Also useful for cats and other pets that you can strap to a seat belt.

It can also double as a leash, saving you another expense!

A Great Gift Item too! Think of someone you can add this value to and buy one for them. You will be fondly thought of, for this.


PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of high quality nylon fabric, with metal swivel snap and buckle. Keep your pet safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving.

NOTIFICATION: The tab on the seat belt clip is the market standard width 0.83inch(2cm), please check your buckle's size and compatibility before purchase as well.

ADJUSTABLE: The length of seat belt can adjust from 16 to 27 inch, allows your dog to sit, stand or lie down comfortably in a car.

WIDELY USE: This seat belt attaches easily to your pet's harness. Works with dogs, cats or other animals that can wear a harness and ride inside a vehicle.

Item: Pet Seat Belt
Material: Nylon Fabric
Length: About 45-72cm Width: 2.5 cm

Package included:
1pc Pet Seat Belt

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