Fastest Finger Friday



You are reading this because today is not a Friday. Fastest Finger Friday works only on Fridays From 10am to 6pm.

Check back on a Friday to enjoy the fun with us!

Quick Rules

The goal is to answer a few questions correctly and the first 3 persons to get it correctly win the available prizes for the day.

  • This happens ONLY on Fridays
  • Winners must truly win to earn the reward i.e get all answers correctly
  • Winners will be showcased sharing only public details.
  • Only Products below (will display after the game is over) can be won using the FFF Payment Gateway here. All acknowledged winners have up to the following Monday to place their orders as required. Note, only acknowledged winners will be able to fill the order form.
  • No other discounts can be used on these purchases except shipping discount (for online payments).
  • We are the only ones who declare the winners on our social platforms. Winners are determined by first to get it correctly. We would post the answer too to officially end the game and open portal for ordering.
  • If you won a game (1st, 2nd or 3rd), click the 'I WON THE QUIZ'  button below to move quickly towards cashing out your prize!
  • Winners can try again every two weeks. Meaning, we can not let you win two weeks consecutively.
  • We can modify our rules at anytime but whatever you find here on Friday Morning works for that day.

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