Shipping & Payments

We don't claim to have it all figured out but we are trying tirelessly to make sure you can have what you want in our store at the most efficient costing despite the present economic shifts.

And, we will succeed at it.


We have engaged Speedaf Express to fulfill your orders and you must know that you are in safe, determined hands who will through rain and sun get your orders right up to your doorsteps, anywhere in Nigeria.
You can receive your products in 3 ways 
  1. Home Delivery fulfilled by Speedaf
  2. Pick up fulfilled by you
  3. Waybill/Park collection fulfilled by us (we are still fine tuning this though, will be active soonest)
Each activated ones have been well crafted to work for you in Our Payment Gateway when you are ready to pay for your orders.


To pay for your orders, you can do cash on delivery or online payment during check out. You will however, need to pay the shipping cost upfront, even if you pick cash on delivery at the advice of our freight partners. 
To support you in this, we give a shipping rebate while ordering, however, you may insist on ordering without any initial payment and lose the rebate. So, yes, you can still get to pay for both shipping and products as cash on delivery.
Checkout on our platform is more like filling a form as we are trying to avoid too much exposures to payment gateways that will make you spend more than necessary.

We try to offer as many discounts as we can, despite the clear fact that our products are generally more affordable than multiple other platforms. We do this through multiple channels to encourage your purchases and cushions the high cost of things on you. 
So engage our growing list of possible rebates such as Loyalty Reward Program, BusyBissy Pays! and more by clicking here to see all available discounts.

Be Mindful of Our Location!

We can send products to most cities in Nigeria and even deliver to your homes but do note that the shipping cost is increased the farther your distance away from our operating city (Akure, Ondo State). This is applicable to waybills too.

See what you want? Place the order.

To place orders on Woju Luxury Stores, you have to manually pick your selections by clicking the BUY NOW wherever you see it. (it's on every page) or the 'Select & Checkout' Image on the side bar.

Our orders are fulfilled by Speedaf and well organised with tracking codes and deliveries to your indicated addresses. You can conveniently place orders on behalf of family and friends in other cities and still get to be thanked for your remarkable efforts.

You are save with us.

There is no other way to say this than to just say it. Your details shared and payments made for orders are completely safe with us as we only use for the purpose of fulfilling your orders and communicating related information with you. 

So, relax, review and buy whatever you want on our site and be confident that we have got your back! 

Thank you for considering buying from us!

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