Car Parking Cards ₦5,760 - ₦7,200

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Now in a party, at a public car park, a crowded gathering and all cramped up parking spots, you can leave your car with this parking card and have no worries because you can now be called without anyone being under pressure. Uhmmm.. how thoughtful! 

The other version we offer has a back slot for your fragrance and we give you, your first fragrance stick for free! (included in package).

A Great Gift Item too! Think of someone you can add this value to and buy one for them. You will be fondly thought of, for this.

Parking Card - N4,800

Parking Cards (2in1)- N6000

Parking Card


*1. Size: 35*26*130 mm

*2. Material: Aluminum Alloy


*1. Two large anti-skid adhesives at the bottom are stable and do not slide, leaving no glue and no mark after removal.

*2. Each parking card is equipped with 5 sets of digits (0-9), magnetic installation is fast and easy.

*3. Glow-in-the-dark numbers are clearly seen at night.

*4. Press down to cover and hide your number, stay away from phone harassment.

*5. Made of aluminum alloy, heat-resistant, durable, long service life.

Package Includes: 

1 x Parking Card

Parking Card (2in1)

1. Press to change the number: With a single press, you can switch the display and hide of the number in one second, which can protect the privacy of the owner.
2. ABS environmental protection material: The use of ABS environmental protection materials, structural stability, sun-resistant high temperature, durable, not easily deformed.
3. Exquisite and compact: Very delicate and wonderful, small body, will not block the line of sight; smooth body shape and beautiful arc, and random match with your car.
4. Drawer number plate design: There are 4 groups (0-9) magnetic number stickers, you can freely compose your own mobile phone number.
How to use:
1.Use the disassemble piece inserted here, open the number office.
2.Put the Cell phone numbers into the clip,and numbers can be directly under the hand mix.
3.You could cut on/off the card.
Package include:
1 * Parking card
4 * phone numbers from 0 to 9
1*  Free Fragrant Stick (Random scent)

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