Grooming Brushes ₦3,840 - ₦8,210

MAIN CATEGORY: Pet Accessories
Talk about brilliant connections between your pets and you. These grooming brushes will give you that! Here is how.

As we all know, dogs (most pets) will love a good rub now and then and with these brushes, you can give them this and make them cleaner while at it. The 2 in 1 brush lets you place in your soap at once to bathe them and can also be used dry for hair brushing. Super soft! 

And Hey! Humans can use it too! Not the same one as your dog's of-course. But remarkably body friendly and cleans leaving behind a touch of luxury. So, 1 for you, 1 for your cute dog!

The other type- the hand glove version also meets your grooming needs with the advantage of the hand shapes. Your pet won't notice the difference.

Every fair pet owner should own one of this! Could be a great gift too.

Grooming Brush: 2in1 - ₦4,560

Grooming Brush: 1 hand (L/R) - N3,840

Grooming Brush: Both hands - N8,210 (10% off!)

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