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This one is a tripper. For the selfie masters, home film makers, family pictures and so on collectors, this remote control will be one of your most treasured possessions. Super convenient!  

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A Great Gift Item too! Think of someone you can add this value to and buy one for them. You will be fondly thought of, for this.


Bluetooth wireless remote control for mobile phone camera, suitable for Android and Apple systems

Bluetooth connection, convenient and fast, within 10 meters.

Light weight, about 11g, convenient to carry.

Support mainstream apps, and take photos and videos.

Easy to install and use.


Product: Bluetooth wireless self-timer remote control

Material: ABS

Connection mode: Bluetooth

Weight: about 11g

Dimensions: 3.5*5CM

Power supply mode: button cell

Package Included:

1*Bluetooth wireless self-timer remote control



1: Turn on the remote control switch, and the blue indicator light of the remote control flashes.

2: Turn on Bluetooth, search for new devices, and then connect.

3: After pairing and connecting, open the camera software in the mobile phone.

4: Works on both Apple and Android phones

Due to the difference between different phone screens and computer monitors, and even the shooting lights, the product pictures may not reflect the actual colors of the item perfectly but this does not affect product value.

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