Dog Toothbrushes ₦2,040 - ₦3,480

MAIN CATEGORY: Pet Accessories
I haven't seen much items where almost every feature on it is an added advantage as these set of brushes here.

Toothbrush 1 is Double sided with two different sizes to accommodate your pet's growth or using on two pets. Long length to help with the comfort of brushing your pet and also for better gripping to help your furry friend.

Toothbrush 2 with the triple sided bristle, no corner of your pet's teeth will be left out of the action.

Toothbrush 3 particularly handy for travel because of the casing and helps with super close intimacy with your pet, because you have to use your fingers.

They would love you more if you grant them the luxury to a good dental hygiene.

Double Sided Brush - ₦2,040

Triple Sided Bristle - ₦3,480

Finger Brush with Casing - ₦2,160

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