Tyre Pressure Detectors ₦3,500

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This one is a winner everyday. Aside the classy view and beautification for tyres, seen as the ones closest to the ground and dust, It can save your tyre's lifespan (and possibly your life).

Also considers fuel efficiency by knowing at the nick of time when you need to go get those tyres pumped.

A Great Gift Item too! Think of someone you can add this value to and buy one for them. You will be fondly thought of, for this.

    Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality !
    Tire Pressure Monitor Valve Stem Cap Sensor Indicator 3 Color Eye Alert New
    Pressure: 2.4 PSI 
    Fit on any standard size existing tire valve stem
    Visually alerts you when the tire pressure is low to help avoid premature tire wear or blowouts from under- inflated tires
    Green shows that tire pressure is normal.
    Yellow shows that the pressure is down about 5 pounds. 
    Red alerts you that the pressure is down by at least 10 pounds. 
    Package weight:30g
    Package size:5cm*5cm*2cm
    Color:as shown
    Please allow 1-3 CM differs due to manual measurement.
Package List  
    4 X Tire Pressure Detectors

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