Baby Fruit Teether ₦5,040

MAIN CATEGORY: Babies & Kids Stuff 
Uh!... This one simply wins our hearts over, daily. 
You can give fruits and vegetables through this to your babies. Now, they can learn to eat our food in a more fun, subtle and creative way. The most grateful part is being able to get all this needed nutrients while suppressing the teething period pains. No excuses anymore, give your cute babies all the right fruits through this lovely teether while passing through the teething phase. 
This also serves as a really good pacifier, so you have less crying and wrong stuff biting to deal with esp. for babies who like to keep their mouths busy and hey! helps strengthen their mouth muscles too in preparation for talking... whao!

A Great Gift Item too! Think of someone you can add this value to and buy one for them. You will be fondly thought of, for this.

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