Fluffy Towel ₦3,480 - ₦5,280

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Okay, the popular advert for this piece of material is pet drying but honestly, if you lay your hands on any of this, you will definitely not want to share with your pet or maybe, you will just buy theirs for them. So humans are claiming this one. Yes!

Super fluffy and cozy. Absorbs water very fast and can contain much. So if you sweat a lot, or are hairy or loves to dry up as soon as you are out of the bathroom. You should get one of this!

Yellow, Purple & Blue in stock.

Face Size 25x25cm - ₦3,480
Neck Hang 60x30cm- ₦5,280

Material: Polyester
Sizes: 25x25cm (9.8x9.8in)
 60x30cm (23.5x11.8in)
100x50cm (39.3x19.6in)
● Suitable for: humans and hairy pets
● Package Contents: Fluffy Towel *1

  1. The product has strong water absorption capacity, and can be used as a water-absorbent towel after pet bathing or for humans with sweaty or hairy issues.
  2. If used for pets, it can also be used as a pet mat or blanket.
  3. Soft&comfortable: These towels are made of soft fiber material to enjoy the pleasurable experience of wiping.
  4. Durable&reliable: They are made of durable materials that can withstand frequent use and washing without damage. Thus, they can stay in excellent condition for a long time, providing you with a reliable care tool.
  5. Versatile design: These towels come with a fixed lanyard for easy hanging and use.
  6. Appropriate size: We offer a variety of towel sizes to choose from, ensuring complete coverage of different needs from face size, to neck hand, to shoulder hold to waist wrap sizes. Presently, have just the first two in stock.

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