1 TB Memory Card ₦15,000

MAIN CATEGORY: Phone & Computer Accessories
Made by Lenovo, this memory card does not only have a large capacity space of over 1000gb but undeniably quality and resolution to serve you tirelessly no matter the working conditions and location placed.

See it as your backup computer system storage and you have not done wrong.

We stocked up only the largest capacity yet because we are all about luxurious options. Enjoy it!


1.Capacity: 1TB

2.Micro sd Card sd adapter

3.Plug and play (no software needed)

4.Micro sd TF format,High-speed read and write

5.Applies to Cell Phones, Cameras, MP3/MP4 Player and More devices

6.Can be Used as Micro sd or sd Card

7.Operating Temperature - 13°F to 185°F(- 25°C to 85°C)

8.Storage Temperature - 40°F to 185°F (- 40°C to 85°C)

9.Dimensions: 0.59 x 0.043 x 0.03 (14.99 x 10.92 x 1.02 mm)

Vendors are using Flash memory decimal arithmetic: 1 MB = 1000KB, 1G = 1000 MB

Calculated, operating system with binary arithmetic: 1 MB = 1024KB, 1 GB = 1024 MB;

Dimensions: 0.59 x 0.043 x 0.03 (14.99 x 10.92 x 1.02 mm)

So there are some differences between display capacity and nominal capacity of flash memory products.

About capacity:

1TB= approximately 960GB - 1TB




* All sealed in retail pack (NOT BULK PACK)

* Capture higher quality photos and capture full HD video

* Capacity up to 16GB, can shoot, carry and complete preservation

* Class 10 video rating for full HD video capture

* Increased capacity for ANDROID devices

* Play faster app performance to capture better photos

* Capture higher quality photos and capture full HD video

Package Included:

1 * microSD card (1TB)

1 * SD Card Adapter


Please don't use cheap card readers to test Micro SD cards, speed of Micro SD cards will be reduced by low quality card readers.

Due to the difference between different phone screens and computer monitors, and even the shooting lights, the product pictures may not reflect the actual colors of the item perfectly but this does not affect product value.

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