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And we understand that it may not always be pleasant things that you have to say but if you have invested your money in buying anything from us, you deserve to be heard and others need to hear you too because you are important!

Please, verify your comment by using the email you used when you bought something to send your feedback. You can just comment it below if you use a gmail or send as a mail if not and we will help you.

To ensure your comment is published, please include the following before your actual comment- "First name used in buying from us, list items you bought and date you received them. (see the first comment as a sample from us)

Thank you!

Now to the Juicy Part!

We would reward you every time you comment on a verified order that you made with WOJU Points!

These points can be converted every 100 points to 1 GB free data no matter your network and that happens every 100 points monthly! 

If you surpass your 100 points within a month, you get 3 GB for that month. Yes!

This is to support your browsing cost as you also check out and engage with our business online.

Here are the scoring rules.

  1. Every comment, not written in the requested format gets 2 points
  2. Every comment written according to the listed format indicated in the comment tip (no alteration) will get 8 points!
  3. If you attempt No 2 above but didn't get it completely,  you get 3 points.


  1. If they are done within the first 5 days of receiving your items, you get 10 points more whether you fall in category 1, 2 or 3 above!

So for every order, you could get 20 points and in 5 orders a month, an extra free data plan.. Whao!

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO add your respectfully honest comment below, and we would approve for all to see while we reward your kindness with data-flowing WOJU Points! Let's get started!


Comment in this format please:
(1) Your first name; (2) list of items bought; (3) date order was received; (4) Your general experience with the product(s), (5) your opinion of our shipping/delivery/customer service/pickup experience.

  1. (1) Woju. (2) Baby Safety helmet, Erasable Pen, Fingerprint padlock, Urinal device, Dog Seat belt, Cable Converter, Toothbrush Sterilizer, Tap Extender & Tyre Pressure Pump. (3) 9th Oct (4) Share your thoughts on usage etc (5) Share your impression on how we served you from ordering to having the products in your hands.


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