Our Pallative Steps

 We know it isn't that tingling yet but we know you wouldn't mind any support we can offer to soften the harshness of mobility in the present times that we are in.

We therefore, agreed to refund back from our really little leftover, some cashback to support your fuel or transport back home when you stop by to pick up from us directly.

So for 

And remember, you can enjoy multiple discounts if you can do your maths right. Pay online/transfer (saves more), enjoy BusyBissy Pays, get free data and our nano pallative everytime you come to pick up items at our store!... Yummy!

How It Works

Condition (For items (one or more than one) with total weight)  What We Offer
0.01kg to 0.99kg  We give back N100
1kg to 4.99kgWe give back N200
5kg & AboveWe give back N500

You can have an idea of your total weight on the order page before submission.
Enjoy it while it lasts!

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