We Reward Your Loyalty!

 We have a loyalty program to reward our buyers from the very start. While our prices are relatively more affordable already, we still spread lean to share our profit with you. We give you cashback from every order you make! 

All with love from Woju Luxury Stores!

Take advantage of it and don't spend more than you have to!

To participate, activate this by registering in the form below. Subsequently, you will be able to enjoy the cashback benefits (explained at the end of this page) from your next purchases!

Fill and submit this form now to enjoy cashback from your purchases. If you are interested in the details, please read below the form.

How the LRP Cashback works

Action You Do What We Do
Level 1 (with less than N5,000 total order) N10 on every N1,000 spent, gained back

 Level 2 (with more than N5,000 - less than N15,000 total order) N30 on every N1,000 spent, gained back
Level 3 (with more than N15,000 - less than N30,000 total order) N50 on every N1,000 spent, gained back

 Level 4 (with more than N30,000 ) N100 on every N1,000 spent, gained back!

*Please total order excludes shipping or other non product costs

*All loyalty rewards have an expiration of a month from last purchase, so buckle up and find the next item to buy fast!

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